How might we analyze and evaluate immersive experiences from a service design perspective?

This is a service design analysis of the Flagship Microsoft Store launch in Manhattan. I did observational research and interviews to record customer experiences and touchpoints within the Microsoft store during the launch, and created a journey map to display a specific persona's journey



Microsoft launched their flagship store in Manhattan on the 12th of November, 2015 and I was a part of the craziness. More than anything else, I felt like the experience was an emotional roller coaster. So I decided to interview people at the launch as well as after the launch about how they felt at the store, what their main touchpoints at the store were and how they experienced these touchpoints.

Research and Understanding

The first thing to establish is whether the launch can even be considered a service. To evaluate this, I used the IHIP (intangible, heterogeneous, inseparable, perishable) model of service design. Next, I conducted on site observational research and made notes on what different people were doing after they entered the door. I wanted to illustrate the different journeys people took once they came inside the store. 


Developing a Customer Journey Map

This is an emotional customer journey map for a specific persona of attendees: the technology enthusiasts. It goes through the the many interactions that this persona has had at the store, their thoughts, feelings and emotions.


The customer journey map below shows an attendee's journey, interactions, emotions and decisions at the Microsoft flagship store.


What I learned

  • Observational research and recording user data
  • Conducting (spontaneous) ethnographic research by shadowing an attendee at the launch.
  • Developing detailed personas based on research
  • Gathering information through interviews to develop personas.