How might we provide a space for digital artists to showcase their work and reach a wide audience?

DIGITALMUSEO is a platform that brings together museum curators, artists and art enthusiasts to create a digital museum-like experience. Using the expertise of museum curators, DIGITALMUSEO creates a space to host exhibitions (called 'Collections') of contemporary, digital art.


Developing an Identity

Being the Co-Founder and chief designer at the company, I developed the identity of DIGITALMUSEO keeping in mind the flexibility and open-mindedness of the content it will portray.

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 This identity guideline provides the user with an array of choices with which to use the DIGITALMUSEO presence. I kept the identity of DIGITALMUSEO colorful and adaptive, representative of the art it will display.


Sketching the Web Design and Mobile App

The website and mobile application for the DIGITALMUSEO are optimized for cleanliness and ease of navigation with a focus on visual elements to provide the user with a rich experience of the visual content.

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I used Marvel to develop prototypes of the website as well as the mobile application. We are currently using these prototypes to conduct user testing on content layout as well as navigation. I believe that high fidelity prototypes that use actual visual elements provide the most genuine and accurate response from a user. In addition, high fidelity mockups also make communication between designers and programmers clearer. 


 For this reason, instead of using simple prototypes, I created high fidelity prototypes for testing and research. The look and feel of the website and the mobile application change according to the branding guidelines above. DIGITALMUSEO adapts and evolves just like the art it displays. Currently, the DIGITALMUSEO's landing page is being developed and finalized. It can be accessed here.

What I learned

  • Transforming paper mockups to digital mockups
  • Effective communication between team members through prototyping
  • Developing prototyping for A/B testing of specific features
  • Prototyping with Marvel
  • Interviewing techniques for feedback on designs
  • Typography (took classes to develop branding for DIGITALMUSEO)
  • Finding a balance between clean designs, functionality and ease of navigation